[TowerTalk] Or2800DC smoking control box

Zivney, Terry 00tlzivney at bsu.edu
Fri Jun 1 04:14:30 PDT 2012

What do you mean by 'smoking?'  Does a fuse blow?

 Does the control box stop smoking when you fire it up
on the dining room table?  

You should be able to turn the DC Orion with a 12v
power supply or battery at the base of the  tower.
I can do that with my prop pitch which uses an Orion
control box.

I know it's insulting, but did you check the voltage on
the AC socket going to your Orion control box?  
An overvoltage (such as from 240vac into a 120vac
outlet) or a missing neutral at the main power panel
can raise hell with things.  A few years back the
neutral at the power company's transformer burned
up, resulting in unequal voltages on the 120 lines
 throughout the house.  One side had over 150v,
the other side less than 100v.  This was discovered
when my daughter's hair dryer would cause the 
lights to dim dramatically.

Switching power supplies, such as in many newer
electronics devices are relatively immune to varying
AC voltage (up to a point) but the Orion (and the
Green Heron) motor control circuitry is pure
analog so overvoltage could strain things!

Terry Zivney, N4TZ

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