[TowerTalk] Temporary Crank-up/Tubular Tower ??

Doug Ronald doug at dougronald.com
Sat Jun 2 13:01:14 PDT 2012

I have some AB-621/G masts I was going to sell for aluminum scrap. They are
missing the guy rings which slip over the tubes as the mast is erected.
Ontario Surplus probably has these rings or they could be fabricated by a
metal shop easily.

-Doug AE6SY

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Hello all,

Does anyone know of any mfg's of tubular towers for more temporary type use
(incl. surplus)

I am looking for a light / tubular type of tower approx 35'-40' high
...perhaps can crank down (i.e "nest") to 12'-15'
...needs to be stronger/more robust than fiberglass poles or "push-up" poles

(from Radio Shack, etc.)

Looking for similar to MA-40 tubular tower but doesn't require concrete base

(i.e. temporary install)
I want to put small/medium size tri-bander & 6m antenna on it.

I've heard of some army surplus "quick-deploy" towers...these seem extra
to move around & expensive (>$500.00)

Thanks for your ideas and help.

Dirk H.

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