[TowerTalk] LRC - Lightning Retardant Cable

Joseph or Ruth Patrick hdmc38 at bellsouth.net
Mon Jun 4 11:49:19 PDT 2012

Hello Martin

Well it looks good on paper, but I have my doubts as to how much more protection 
the cable will provide vs the cost of it. I would assume it costs more.
For submersible pump applications it may do some good. Their words not mine. As 
far as the rest of the claims I have some doubts. Your Satellite dish should be 
protected with a device such as Polyphaser makes. I use an SOV at the main 
power feed coming into the house, a SPG for all electronic stuff in the shack, 
Polyphasers on all feed lines. Delta makes an SOV package that comes with main 
feed power protection and a telephone SOV, The flat screens have standard MOV"S 
on all of them. All Towers/antennas are properly grounded and tied to the SPG. 
One thing for sure if lightning strikes and the right conditions are present. 
There is not much chance of saving things. On the other hand there are plenty of 
facilities that run 24/7 and never have a problem.
I say do as much as you can to prepare and the rest is up to Mother Nature. JMHO 
of course. Good Luck.

 73 DE K4XZ Joe Patrick
God Made Man
Sam Colt Made Them Equal 

From: Martin Sole <hs0zed at csloxinfo.com>
To: towertalk at contesting.com
Sent: Sun, June 3, 2012 10:18:11 PM
Subject: [TowerTalk] LRC - Lightning Retardant Cable

I hadn't heard of this before and at first was rather sceptical, still am to
some degree, but it appears to be real enough and might in some types of
installation be effective. Here are a few links to information:




I also have the US Navy test report from 2004 on lrc RG-214 that states
improvements in phase stability and local interference pickup.

I am interested to know if any here have looked at this product or can
indicate what value it might add to an installation. My own initial feeling,
after I had suspended my instant disbelief, is that in most amateur
installations it probably adds little real benefit in terms of lightning
protection where much of the intrinsic protection comes from other elements
in the antenna system or indeed the whole outdoor network of objects.

Martin, HS0ZED


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