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Miçkey Baker fishflorida at gmail.com
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Too far for me...

But I would ask the local radio club(s) and find out what help THEY need and who the local tower climbers are. This builds a permanent support base for you, and I'll bet there is something you can contribute to their projects or club meetings.

Two way relationships are very fulfilling.


Mickey N4MB

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Yes ... second try at a tower/antenna erection as only one guy showed 
up last time and neither he nor I could climb.

Shouldn't be too difficult to do the tower work .. gin pole and 
climbers will suffice, as the bases are in place and the sections are 
laid out for the two that are not 'intact'. Third tower is assembled 
and only needs antennas on the mast and coax connected. Erection of 
that one is quite easy .. pull it up with my pickup truck and a 
falling derrick that is already for the erection.

Have 6 or 7 guys coming so far ... join the fun!


Quoting john at kk9a.com:

> This is not N8DE's first towertalk antenna party. It would be interesting
> to know how effective this method is of getting free tower help. It sounds
> like he would need considerable help to install three towers and three
> monobanders all in one day and still have time for a beer.
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> From:jcjacobsen at q.com
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> Yo,
> Don, N8DE, is needing help with a tower project;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
> Don, You put that invite out to the reflector?!! I sure hope you got LOTS of
> food and REFRESHMENTS........... If this reflector is anything like the kids
> and facebook, you gonna have a TURNOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <GRIN> Sorry I
> couldn't resist.
> Good luck with the project .
> 73
> K9WN Jake


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