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On 6/16/2012 1:31 PM, K7LXC at aol.com wrote:
>>   How are you supposed to get it on the guides without  completely
> disassembling the tower?
>      Well, first you'll need to extend the tower  in order to expose the
> inside of the legs. IF you do a GOOD and SAFE job of  blocking the tower to
> prevent it from slipping down, you could theoretically  wax/lubricate the
> running surfaces.
>      The problem is that after running the tower  up and down a couple of
> times the wax/lubricant is scraped off. Crank-ups tend  to rub on 2 legs and
> the third doesn't get much action. Does the wax/lubricant  actually do
> anything? Possibly, but only for a short time.
>      Do you need to do anything to the legs? Not  in my opinion. It's A)
> anything is potentially dangerous to apply and B) it's  only a short term
> solution.

My opinions only:  I think, on galvanized towers that galvanizing is 
probably the best and most durable lubricant you can get in there.

Get Steve's book!


Roger (K8RI)

>>   How about applying 10 mil adhesive backed teflon tape to the  guides?
>      Nope. One excursion of the tower up or down and  it'll be scraped off.
>      There's a lot of information on crank-ups in the  Crank-up chapter in
> my UP THE TOWER book (available from www.championradio.com).  The only thing
> you really should do is to lube the cables occasionally along  with greasing
> the zerk fittings in the motor drive and the thrust bearing.
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