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Mon Jun 18 14:23:40 PDT 2012

>    My HyGain HG-70 needs new cables. Those on the  tower now are 
and as I recall these were recommended over  stainless steel.  The tower 
TWO 1/4 cables for the bottom and  middle section with ONE 3/16" cable for 
the top section. Are there degrees  of durability, quality, longevity, with 
respect to these cables?  I am  not talking about walking into Harbour 
Freight or Home Depot and buying some  imported stuff. And there are local 
shops that can make them to length with  the nico-pressed  ends.  But 
that, what is the best cable  to use and is there a dealer where these are 
available that one can rely on  getting quality cables that will last 5-7 
years in a salt water/air  environment such as here in Florida? 
    I'd always recommend following the LXC Prime  Directive to "DO what the 
manufacturer says". Replace the cables with the same  size and type. I 
don't know if any of them have cable lubricating guidance. (I  think UST says 
not to lube the cables but they're not the manufacturer of the  wire rope and 
the wire rope manufacturers say to lube them.)
    All crank-ups that I've come into contact with have  used 7x19 
galvanized wire rope. I don't recommend using stainless steel cable  because SS when 
moving can gall and put a kink in the cable - a fatal problem. 
    There is another PreLube product - it's called  PreLube 19 and it 
deposits a protective film on the cable. Here's what the  manufacturer says:
 Guy wire field treatment for corrosion protection of ski lift lines,  
standing rigging, boom and pendant lines, marine tow lines, etc. Penetrates and 
forms a corrosion-protecting film on wires and metal surfaces  Self-healing 
skin—dry to the touch Displaces moisture
    This is the stuff for hostile environments. I've  got some in stock but 
it's not currently on the website. I'll try to get it on  there in the near 
future. In the meantime you can order it offline. 
Steve    K7LXC
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