[TowerTalk] best way to apply PreLube

Alan NV8A nv8a at charter.net
Mon Jun 18 18:34:57 PDT 2012

On 06/18/12 07:30 pm, K8RI wrote:

>>>    I would like to know from others in the Tower Talk group  how they apply
>> Prelube to their crank up tower cables.
>> The last time I  treated the cables I think only 50% made it in the cable,
>> hihi.
>> Any easy way to do this without getting PreLUbe all over the place ?
>>       I would suggest one of those little red spray can  rods that fits into
>> the nozzle - you probably have a few in the garage. That  works great. It
>> still isn't an exact science but more will get onto the  cables.
> I've lubed cables and chains, but not tower cables similar to this.
> I have a relatively good pair of sacrificial, soft, leather gloves I use
> for oiling "Things". First I put on a plastic, or latex glove on the
> hand that's going to do the oiling. Then pull on the leather glove. You
> may need some talcum powder to get the leather glove over the other
> glove.  I use a can of the proper oil with the nozzle that Steve is
> talking about and spray the cable that is the palm of the glove, using
> the gloved hand to massage the lube into the cable.
> A second method already mentioned is if the cable can be coiled up is to
> put it in one of the wide, shallow, oil drain pans and pour the oil/lube
> over the cable and leave it submerged  for a while. This is by far the
> messiest, but easiest method. You will need some place to hang the cable
> to "drip dry" or wipe it down.
>    When it comes to oiling things I tend to be liberal. As Steve says,
> the first, or second rain will take care of the excess.
>>       One TowerTalkian made a little  V-shaped backsplash out of some spare
>> brass. He held it behind the cable  when he was spraying.
>>       I prefer the little red rod but if I don't have one  I'll just spray it
>> on very close to the cables. Yes, there's going to be  over-spray but it'll
>> all wash away in the first rain.
>>       Spray the PreLube on the cable and let it soak in  and run down the
>> cable. That way it'll be thoroughly lubricated. Don't forget  the cable on the
>> cable reel.

I just retracted my US Tower HDX-555 in preparation for some heavy 
weather, and as it came down I sprayed PreLube against the cable as it 
wrapped around the drum -- several "runs" of cable side by side. 
Certainly some missed or ran off, but I think most of it did what it was 
supposed to do.


Alan NV8A

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