[TowerTalk] Lateral load bearings

Rick Kiessig kiessig at gmail.com
Thu Jun 28 16:43:27 PDT 2012

I'm looking for a lateral load bearing to use with the upper support plate
for the mast on my tower.


Array Solutions carries one that's intended to work with a 2" mast (2 1/16"
opening), though it's not designed for outdoor use (they suggest painting it
before deploying). My QTH is near the ocean, so that's a concern.


The brackets on the antenna can be configured to support either a 50mm or
possibly 60mm mast. The readily available piping in ZL in this size range is
generally 48.3mm outside diameter (I'm looking for 50mm material, but it's
hard to find/custom); mostly steel, though aluminum seems to be available
too. The antenna is 29 kg, with a 0.67 sq m wind load.


Since the bearing will be used to support lateral loads, and not as a thrust
bearing, how much slop is reasonable between the outside of the mast and the
inside of the bearing?


Are there other commercially available alternatives for bearings like this?


Also, for a relatively light weight antenna like this, what sort of wall
thickness should I use for the mast?


73, Rick ZL2HAM


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