[TowerTalk] Romex for Rotor cable?

Mike Ryan mryan001 at tampabay.rr.com
Thu Mar 1 21:32:20 PST 2012

I used Romex cable for some 300ft or more runs to towers that I had up in 
Virginia.  I would advise keeping the cables OFF the ground as much as 
possible, even a few feet especially if they are in the woods where the 
ground and leaves are damp a lot. - Mike

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On 3/1/2012 5:10 PM, Steve Jones wrote:
> A while back on TowerTalk I saw a comment that a nice solution for long 
> 8-conductor rotor cable runs is a pair of "12-3 with a ground" Romex 
> cables,

Hi Steve,

I'm using two runs of 14-3 to run my Yaesu rotor. Total length is about
350 ft. Determined that it would work on the basis of Ohm's law and the
permitted IR drop for the model I'm using.  It's laying on the ground.
I wouldn't do that if it was carrying 120VAC. :)   This sort of cable
doesn't stand up to UV, but mine runs through a dense redwood forest, so
I'm not very worried. :)

The fundamental reason for the restrictions of various types of cable in
conduit is flamability and noxious fumes. It all came from "The Towering
Inferno" 25 or so years ago.  For applications like this it doesn't matter.

73, Jim K9YC

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