[TowerTalk] Temp tower idea

Marlon K. Schafer (509-982-2181) ooe at odessaoffice.com
Mon Mar 12 12:10:10 PDT 2012

My problem exactly!

Could be no one, could be 20.  Naturally it would be someone's kid....

I've never lost a tower of any kind yet.  Don't need this to be the first 
one.  But I've not built anything like this before either.


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> Marlon, If it  falls,  how  many  people will it  hit that  you'll  be 
> responsible for ??... Bill / w2ay
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>> Hi All,
>> I've been asked to put in a wifi system for a local event that's wayyyy 
>> out
>> of town.
>> We've had wifi available to people for a long time, but the vendors out
>> there are asking for a high reliability version for credit card 
>> processing
>> at the site.
>> Winds often hit 30 to 50 mph out there.  Not daily but often enough that 
>> I'm
>> worried about the tower's ability to stand up in the middle of a bunch of
>> trailers and tents.
>> Resources I already have on hand are:
>> 50ish foot old TV antenna crank up unit (with no base, but I could build
>> something).  I'm worried about it needing to be guy'd.
>> 6 10' sections of what I think is Rohn 45.
>> What I was thinking of trying is to build a plate (how thick and how 
>> big?)
>> that I could place under the tires of a rig.  Then where the plate would
>> stick out from the tires I'd have pins that the rohn can attach to.  I
>> figure 20' up would be plenty for this.
>> I've got a 65' bucket truck so standing the tower sections up would be
>> pretty easy for me.
>> I'm a bit worried that even with a trailer or truck sitting on the base 
>> it
>> could blow over if it's not big enough.  But make it too big and I won't 
>> be
>> able to move it :-).
>> Thoughts and ideas?
>> thanks,
>> marlon
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