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I did it, and found wireless to be too complex and unreliable for my foot
print.  Also, I have two cameras at tower top looking down.  No issues with
water, or insects, been running non-stop x 3 years.  Ran a cable, wired, 12v
plus multiple video, way more reliable and need to run power cable anyway,
so may as well run video.   Have a few ground cameras as well.  Have 8
channel DVR and can log in at any time using Droid or iPhone.  The time I
spent messing with wireless over the course of a year was more than the one
time of laying wiring down once and forgetting about it.  Wired cameras also
offer more flexibility and selection and are cheaper with better quality

Michael K3MH  

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This is an interesting thread, hope it stays for a while!

I too have CCTV on my to-do list, a camera on the tower, maybe one by the 
base, a few others scattered around the home QTH. Because of installation 
logistics I am thinking that 5 Ghz WIFI is the simpler (but more costly) 
install. Distances are light-of-sight and around 130' so I think the RF part

should work OK. Still need to get power to the devices. Since other doer's 
and wannabe's are also on this roadmap, I wonder if others can share any 
experiences with wireless video?

Tnx es 73

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I have never had a problem with anything but spiders. They like the IR at
night sometimes but I use a pepper wipe and it keeps them out. The rest,
rain (mother nature) takes care of and washes the lens in the afternoon
rain. I live a few hundred feet from the ocean so salt water is on
everything but the rain does take care of cleaning the lens.

Mine are not PTZ but bullet style and the RG6 stops RF from getting in
from the radios. I have 9 all around the property hooked to my 2 500GB HD
Raid DVR and 2 separate inside cheap wireless IP/PTZ's. All of these have
iPad and iPhone apps so I can see them from anywhere also. They do a good
job. I have a little 7" monitor to watch them all on here in the shack
beside me and also my 32" on the wall above me too if I care to. The DVR
has multiple ports. Back to towersŠ.. :)

73 Dave n4zkf
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On 5/8/12 11:40 PM, "Steve K7AWB" <k7awbgoog at gmail.com> wrote:

>2 questions:
>1) How do you clean the camera lens?
>2) How do you prevent yellow jackets,  etc. from building a nest on it?
>Steve Sala
>Nine Mile Falls, WA
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