[TowerTalk] Please Help Me Decide on a Tribander or Monobanders

Rick Stealey rstealey at hotmail.com
Sat Apr 20 06:43:51 EDT 2013

I skimmed the responses, and don't think this aspect has been mentioned-
With more than one monobander you will need MUCH more in the way of mast strength
than you will with a tribander.  Also you will need MUCH more rotator.
And MUCH more coax and/or antenna switching complexity.
I had a couple monobanders.  Didn't have enough mast for three of them at once.
I switched to a 3 element SteppIR 10 years ago.  Yes it does not have the performance
of the 4 and 5 element Hy Gains but it has been troublefree here in central New Jersey.
It also gave me 17 and 12 meters.  The 3 element without the added 6 meter reflector 
gets blown away by the 5 element M squared 6 meter antenna though.

Rick  K2XT

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