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Gary "Joe" Mayfield gary_mayfield at hotmail.com
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There is a 4 element Mosley.

See Below:

Joe kk0sd

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Hello TTérs,

I was at an estate sale yesterday. Went there actually to look at the amp.
advertised. Was gone but noticed a ham-m control box so took a look to see
what it was for. Found a nice WT51 out back. Looks in excellent condition
and not very old judging from lack of rust and the concrete base still
looked pretty 'white'. On top is what I believe is a 4el Mosley tri-bander.
Did they make a TA34?? Never had a Mosley antenna, always Hygain or Telrex
in the past. 

Anyway, my problem is how to lower it. I'd put a ladder up to the top to
remove the antenna/rotator but how to lower the actual tower over is the
question. Didn't see anything I could attach a block and tackle to. I see
from the current site, the tower weighs 360 pounds. Now I am a member of the
local DX club, but like most clubs today, it is full of old men and couple
of us slowly aging  woman. 

So I'm asking, how many folks do you think I would need to walk the tower
over? Or any other ideas such as letting it fall onto something soft and
crush able like a bunch of cardboard boxes? Ideas?
Kathy, W2NK

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