[TowerTalk] Coax Seal yea or nay?

Al Kozakiewicz akozak at hourglass.com
Sun May 19 15:45:09 EDT 2013

>So, I realize that we all have boxes of PL259s and SO-239 barrels to connect with, but why not just use a waterproof connector like N or DIN 7-16, and use no tape/seal/what-have-you?

The only bad thing I can say about N connectors, having hastily made a decision a few years back to go all crimp on N to avoid soldering in the field, is the apparent lower breakdown voltage compared to UHF plugs.  At low SWR they seem to be OK at full power, but when you try to get that extra 50 or 100 kHz of bandwidth out of a compromise antenna with a tuner you will come to grief, even at less than full power depending on the severity of the mismatch.  For me, it happened in the middle of winter contest season with 3 feet on snow on the ground.  Went back to UHF connectors for now. 

I think the DIN connectors are the way to go, at least at the top of the tower.  I don't mind hacking away at rot at ground level, but not if you have to climb or even work on a ladder with a crank over.  With a multi $K investment in tower and antennas, cheaping out over a few $20 connectors seems foolish.


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