[TowerTalk] AlfaSpid tracking software?

Andrew J. Buckler (BBMSC) andrew.buckler at bbmsc.com
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This helps greatly, John. Slowly but surely I am picking my way through. I have now successfully configured HRD using a native AlfaSpid interface, and I also know how to configure the device to mimic the Yaesu, which apparently is necessary for those programs that don't directly support the Spid. 

As you suggest, I will now march my way through a number of the programs, using HRD as a "baseline" of comparison. I am guessing that the HRD has as its principal benefit a "one stop shop" approach - it seems that it has many basic station features , apparently also integrates with PowerSDR for the Flex 1500 along with the TS-790A that I'm using for EME and satellite, logging software, etc. I don't yet know if it also can interoperate with HDSDR and MAP65 that I use for the cross-polarized IQ+ EME receiver. I'm also not yet sure how it compares with SatPc32 which presumably is optimized for satellite or Nova which seems to be optimized for radio astronomy. But as you suggest, I will download them, try them, and from that start to fill in the gaps of my understanding.

Andy, K2OP

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  Yes on setting the emulation mode. So your working in the right direction on the controller  As far as the software, that just goes to show you that everybody has their own programs that they like and are use to. And maybe the best thing to do is what we all probably did, And that is download and try some out. I know it takes time to figure out all the software settings,but I don't know any other way to get the feel of the programs without playing with them.And actually once you've set 1 or 2 up you can just fly through them. Of the ones you mentioned I've tried HRD for a bit.I downloaded Nova and looked it over, didn't care for it. I even tried yet another not on your list was Orbitron. But I settled with SatPc32 because I like the way it does the rig control. As far as pointing the antennas they will all do that. And we can all help you with that and software set up.
But I can't help you choose the software because I don't know what you like. And as far as I know maybe HRD or any of the others have change since I've tried them. As far as cost, SATPC32 is free to download and use, the only thing you have to do with the unregistered version is enter your coordinates every time you start the program  But if you try it and decide you like it, you can purchase the registration from AMSAT and that money goes to AMSAT to help keep the satellites going. The developer of the software donated the program to AMSAT for just that reason, so that all money goes to help keep the birds flying.And entering your coordinates every time, I just wrote them on a piece of paper, and after a while you wont even have to look at them, you'll of memorized them.
And how many other times have you needed to know your coordinates?  Many I'll bet,it seems almost every software related to ham radio needs your Lat. and Long., so thats no big deal either. And after you purchase the program you'll only need to enter your cordinets once then your done.

                                   GL  John   KC0BMF

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