[TowerTalk] Antenna balance weighting

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Wed May 29 23:56:47 EDT 2013

Usually not necessary to rebalance the antenna since most of the antennas,  
if you mount them at an angle to the swing arm at around 45 degrees, 
everything  will be fine.
In the event that repositioning IS necessary, there are a couple of ways to 
 go.  Put the appropriate amount of weight at the end in the boom...rebar  
etc.  Then fill it with "Stuff" or some other foam to hold it in  place.  
Another way to go is to secure a piece or two (whatever is  required) to the 
boom by way of hose clamps etc.  There are other ways to  go on this too.
Bill K4XS
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N3ND at aol.com writes:

OK, next  question.My first question was poorly worded for what I needed, 
but  several of you got the idea I was trying to portray.Thanks.I hope 
this  next question gives a better description of my needs.

In order to mount  my antenna(s) on the antenna mast of a swing-gate 
mount, I have to offset  or alter the normal balancing point of the 
antenna boom to allow the  antenna elements to miss the tower.What is the 
proper way or how do I  properly weight the "lighter end" to make the new 
boom-to-mast location  "balanced?"


Dan --  N3ND


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