[TowerTalk] A quest about Gin Poles

Kevin Elliott kg0mn at yahoo.com
Thu May 30 16:50:44 EDT 2013

I have purchased all of the item to build my gin pole but I have one question I am hoping someone can answer.  I have two seven foot pieces of 2" x .250" aluminum that I am going to use for the gin pole itself.  I also have a 6' length of 1.750" aluminum that I am going to use for the connector for the two 7' pieces.  Now my question is this; how long should the 1.750" piece of aluminum be for the slice of the 2" pieces?  I think having 3' in each of the 2" pieces is overkill and will add weight to the device. I was thinking more along the line of 4' section which allows 2' in each of the sections. Or should I go with 3' on each piece?
Kevin Elliott
kgØmn at kgØmn.com

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