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It depends on the ratio of Portland cement in your mix.  If 5000 psi
ultimate strength, it will be at well over 2500 psi in less than 10 days.
If 2500 psi, it takes about a month.  Are you going to have break tests of
your concrete?

Of course starting to erect the tower won't put the final design load on the
foundation anyway, not until you finish stacking all the steel.  So if a
5000 psi mix, you could probably start after a week.  

I'd find out what your concrete supplier says he mixed for your pour.



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I'm going to be pouring concrete for my base foundation and 3 guy anchors
next week. Does anyone know how long I need to let it cure beforeI start
erecting the tower?
73 NR6M

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Rex Turvin

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