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Sat Nov 2 10:15:18 EDT 2013

On 11/2/2013 8:03 AM, Patrick Greenlee wrote:
> Concrete cures, not dries.  As stated in prev posts minimal water in a 
> stiff mix is harder to work but cures to a stronger final strength.  
> Left to their own discretion often times concrete contractors and 
> their workers will call for more water to make a soupy mix. This makes 
> their job much much easier but your concrete much weaker in its final 
> form.

I should add, that 20 some years ago, maybe closer to 30, I was visiting 
a friend and ham Just North Of Carolton(sp?) KY who was building a "big" 
home. Basement walls and all foundation were poured concrete.  The 
concrete was at "Optimum" moisture according to the contractor and 
required vibrators just to get it down the chute and vibrators to settle 
it in the forms. Those basement walls were so smooth they could have 
been painted and you would never have known they were concrete. IIRC 
there wasn't a concrete block in the place.  It was about 3500 sq foot 
on each floor, except for the third which was a little smaller (maybe 
2000)and it had a full basement with two full size bowling lanes 
complete with auto pin setting and ball returns.  He got those from an 
alley, going out of business.  The house is on the river side of the 
road running North about 3 miles N of town.  Back yard is a good 300 to 
400 yards to the Ohio River with stirs, zig zaging down the face of the 
100' plus cliff to the water.  Would have been a fantastic place for the 
ultimate DX or contest station.

At any rate, that was the first time I had ever heard there is a right 
amount of water in the mix for best strength and finish.

Dale is long gone. He was over 80 back then.  They had kids, grand kids 
and many, many great grand kids.  So they had a lot of visitors.  I 
think he lasted well into his 90s.


Roger. (K8RI)

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