[TowerTalk] HF2V Elevated or On Ground

James Setzler jms_k1sd at verizon.net
Wed Nov 13 15:48:40 EST 2013



I've a Butternut HF2V that used to be elevated with the feedpoint at 10 ft.
and 2 tuned radials each on 40m and 80m also at 10 ft.  I was satisfied with
it; it seemed to hear well enough and I often got good signal reports on
40m.  During reconstruction I moved it to ground mounted with 12 radials
each 10 to 33 ft. long; it's not getting many more.  I also installed a 40m
inverted V with the feedpoint at 65 ft.


The ground mounted HF2V seems to be worse that the elevated vertical was.
The elevated vertical often got good signal reports; the ground mounted
never.  The dipole always beats the vertical, listening and transmitting.


Anyone else have experience with the HF2V mounted up using elevated radials
versus ground mounted with limited on-ground radials.


    73 James K1SD



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