[TowerTalk] Wire grounding question

john at kk9a.com john at kk9a.com
Thu Nov 21 08:30:11 EST 2013

I use MOVs at multiple points in the control wires to protect the rotators
and the controllers.  I do not believe there is any harm except for the
minimal cost.  I think you are referring to using multiple MOVs on power
lines which can cause issues if you use different power strips in your

John KK9A

To:	 TowerTalk <TowerTalk at contesting.com>
Subject:	 Re: [TowerTalk] Wire grounding question
From:	 Ray Benny <rayn6vr at cableone.net>
Date:	 Wed, 20 Nov 2013 23:32:57 -0700

Mark and All,

I have no problem grounding the foil and ground wire in this encoder cable.

I am puzzled though, inside the Green Heron Controller, each terminal lug
going to the PP and encoder has an MOV across it to ground. In one
discussion of where to place MOVs, it was highly recommended not to place
additional MOVs anywhere but at the base of the tower or at your SPG.

I did not fully understand the explanation but if this is so, then the MOVs
in the Controller should not be there but at the base of the tower either
attached manually or through a lightning arrestor device. For Green Heron
controller, they probably provide MOVs since many non-serious installations
may not have any lightning protection at all.

Just my thoughts.


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