[TowerTalk] Insurance for Tower

Patrick Greenlee patrick_g at windstream.net
Tue Nov 26 15:23:16 EST 2013

It may sometimes depend on your carrier and your agent's standing with that 
carrier.  It isn't always a straight forward cut and dried situation.
If you don't get the action you need, try a different company.  If you make 
covering the tower and antennas a requirement of changing insurance 
companies that leverage may git 'er done when logic and reason fail.

Good luck and 73

Patrick AF5CK

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From: Wayne Willenberg
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Subject: [TowerTalk] Insurance for Tower

Now that I have my tower nearly completed, I asked my homeowner's insurance
agent if I could obtain coverage in case it is damaged.  The simple answer
was "no".

Is my insurance carrier being unreasonable or is it generally true you
can't get insurance coverage for a tower that is not attached to a house?

Thanks for your help.

Wayne, KK6BT

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