[TowerTalk] Insurance for Tower

Joe Subich, W4TV lists at subich.com
Tue Nov 26 15:28:12 EST 2013

I suspect your insurance agent is misinformed ... *any* structure (and
a tower is a "structure") on a property is generally covered to 10% of
the policy limit as as "accessory structure".  This is similar to a
free standing garage, barn or storage shed.  Whether your insurance
company will write a *rider* to provide additional coverage for the
tower and antennas is a matter of company policy but if one has a house
valued at/insured for $150,000, 10% covers a good deal of damage to a
typical amateur tower.

Your results may vary depending on state and insurance company.  Shop
around or consider the ARRL "all perils" policy for separate coverage
on the ham gear and antennas.


    ... Joe, W4TV

On 11/26/2013 3:09 PM, Wayne Willenberg wrote:
> Now that I have my tower nearly completed, I asked my homeowner's insurance
> agent if I could obtain coverage in case it is damaged.  The simple answer
> was "no".
> Is my insurance carrier being unreasonable or is it generally true you
> can't get insurance coverage for a tower that is not attached to a house?
> Thanks for your help.
> Wayne, KK6BT
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