[TowerTalk] Insurance for Tower

Chuck Smallhouse w7cs at theriver.com
Thu Nov 28 14:02:32 EST 2013

Here in Oracle AZ, we have been listed as the most vulnerable 
communitiy in NA, as far as Wild Fire danger.  It's not a matter of 
"If but When".  Our terrain, altitude and foliage is almost identical 
to that of the recent Yarnnal Hill fire( N AZ) in which 19 
firefighters perished.  We have a very active Firewise committee in 
our community and also a very aggressive fire Chief.   With his aid, 
a number of federal grants have been authorized to bring in Hot Shot 
crews from various origins (including the Dept of Corrections) to 
thin and in some cases control burn our overly dense underbrush and 
other "ladder" fuel, on an owner cost sharing basis .

Also within this past year the(my) USAA insurance company has 
performed an on site inspection of all their policy holders' 
residences in our community, for potential wildfire 
vulnerability.  This is consistent with the now more cautious 
insurance companies.

Fortunately mine passed their appraisal with flying colors, as I've 
twice had Hot Shot crews thin, chip and clean up my 3.5 acres.  Also 
I constructed my residence with a fire danger in mind.  I used all 
cement block and cement tile construction and I also have > 50' 
cleared, of ignitable foliage from around it.

We are certainly thankful this week end, that our community is not 
normally subject to the other types natural disasters, suffered by 
other areas in NA and other parts of the world.

73 es HTG,

Chuck.  W7CS

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