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Patrick Greenlee patrick_g at windstream.net
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Mike, The Portland Cement Association says that standard mixes cure to 90% 
of their final strength in 28 days.  There is no magic number for 100% cure. 
Strength asymptotically  approaches its final value and (theoretically) 
never quite gets to 100% but surely CLOSE ENOUGH.  Depending on your mix and 
weather (and moisture etc.) at what point along the way toward 28 days will 
it be strong enough for your needs?  Unless the strength of your mix is 
marginal at 90% you should be OK after 3 weeks or so.  Sooner MIGHT be OK 
but why set yourself up to regret at your leisure what you might do in 
haste. Consider the hassle if you load it prematurely and let that color 
your decision.

73 and best of luck to you,

Patrick AF5CK

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I plan to put up a motorized HG-70 HD, with a 4 element SteppIR and a 7 
element M2 6M beam.

Hy-Gain says 1 week for foundation curing, UST says 4 weeks. What's 

My current guyed tower has a side-mounted G-7 and a couple of vhf verticals. 
How best to mount those on the crank-up? I was thinking of hanging the G-7 
upside down.

Does this tower have latches, or is the weight on the cables when extended?

What about limit switches or stops?

I'd like to carry over my 80 and 160M 1/4 wave slopers. Is that too much 
stress? What about ground continuity top to bottom?

Does the concrete/rebar cage make a Ufer ground? Do I need ground rods in 

73, Mike NF4L

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