[TowerTalk] Topband: Fixed capacitor source needed (150pf 5KV)

ZR zr at jeremy.mv.com
Thu Oct 3 10:59:18 EDT 2013

Ameritron sells the 170pf doorknobs used as input padders on 160 but they 
arent cheap. The value isnt that critical.


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Subject: Topband: Fixed capacitor source needed (150pf 5KV)

>I have a Drake MN2700 so I can at least get the amp to work above 1870Khz 
>during contests.  The tuner used some fixed flat 150pf 5KV capacitors to 
>switch in from the front selector as increased capacity is need to make the 
>tuner work.  I can't find any door knob substitutes at that value in my 
>junk box. I am thus looking for a source for these values but so far have 
>not found anything that I can use as a substitute. I presume I could make 
>some out of sections of RG-8 mini roller up in a coIl but before I try this 
>I am searching for a door knob source.  I have some 500pf at 5KV and three 
>of them in series might be close enough but i still need the correct 
>values.  If any reader to this knows of other ATU manufactures that use the 
>copper teflon flat capacitor in their units maybe   could order 150 pf 5KV 
>from them.
> Your help on this would be appreciated.
> Herb, KV4FZ
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