[TowerTalk] "Big Grip's"

Mike Bragassa bragassa at consolidated.net
Fri Oct 4 18:03:44 EDT 2013

Big grips are absolutely the only way to go.  Period-paragraph.


No fighting guy cable to get u-bolts on. 2-3 minutes and you are ready to

Just make sure you get the correct Big Grip, e.g for 3/16 EHS the Big Grip
is marked in red.


.And, if it Rohn, it is good!


Mike, K5UO



As I am getting ready to install my guyed tower I would like to know if
anyone has experience with 


ROHN BG2142 - ROHN Galvanized Big Grip Dead Ends Do they work well? I don't
want to purchase something that does not work.

73 NR6M




ex: KF7NMD






Rex Turvin



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