[TowerTalk] Driving ground rods

john at kk9a.com john at kk9a.com
Mon Oct 14 07:29:54 EDT 2013

You are lucky that works in your soil.  It is much easier than pounding
with a sledge hammer.  The ground here is hard clay and shale and I cannot
get a full ground rod in using a 65 pound jackhammer

John KK9A / 4

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While on the topic of ground rods.

Today I had to drive some 5/8 X 8 foot ground rods. I live on top of a
ridge that was part of the glacial push South into Southern Wisconsin.
Think sandy rocky soil with many rocks about fist sized plus hard clay. 25
years ago I had to dig a hole for a mailbox post and it took me all day
with a post hole digger.

Anyway, to drive these ground rods I rented a demolition hammer from Home
Depot. Think small electric jack hammer that looks like a big drill. Made
by Makita. In place of the chisel that is usually used, they had a bit
made for driving ground rods. Basically a hollow sleeve that fits over the
end of the ground rod.

Used an 8 ft stepladder and a friend to help. The ground rods went in like
a hot knife through butter. Each one took less than 5 minutes and no
pounding with a sledge hammer, water pipes, post driver, etc. Truly
amazingly fast. The best money I've ever spent.



Gary K9GS

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