[TowerTalk] Switching Multiple Rotors

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Tue Sep 3 09:52:46 EDT 2013


You can use one wire for switching and the rest for control, IF you  
have enough wires in the cable.  Obviously, you need a common ground,  

The switching can be used for up to 4 rotors, if you use:

1 - no voltage
2 - +12 v
3 - -12 v
4 - 12v ac

The voltage can be whatever will drive your relay set.  I simply put  
12 volts as a reference.

Use two DPDT relays ... with diodes to select which is 'thrown' (and  
electrolytic capacitors to keep them from chattering on AC).

Appropriate bypass capacitors (and RF chokes, if needed, complete the project.

Good luck,


Quoting K0YR - Thomas Rieff <k0yr at tomrieff.com>:

> T/T
> Any thoughts on how to switch multiple rotors with one set of cabling.
> The towers I wish to switch are 500 feet from the cabin.
> Or is there a better way of wireless remoting???
> Tom, K0YR
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