[TowerTalk] Force 12 Hardware Question

Gerard Jendraszkiewicz jend at uchicago.edu
Mon Sep 9 15:52:39 EDT 2013

Hello Everyone,

My Force 12 5BA is currently down to replace a broken truss wire. I also 
plan to replace the boom to mast plate. The one I had was a the older 
'small' style.

Now this brings me to the question.

The U-Bolts that hold the elements to boom appear quite rusty, although 
it appears to be just surface rust. The nuts all look to be in good 
shape. Is there any thoughts to replacing the u-bolts ? The replacements 
I have obtained from Force 12 are the same Zinc plated type that were 
OEM on the antenna.

I also have new insulators, but again the old insulators look just fine, 
they are a bit weathered but seem to be in good shape. Replace or not to 
replace ?

The antenna has been up for about 10 years and is a very good performer. 
Any thoughts ? I think all the old u-bolts would have to be cut off for 

Comments ?

Jerry, KE9I

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