[TowerTalk] TIC Potentiomenter

Scott scottb at radios-online.com
Wed Apr 2 20:27:40 EDT 2014

John et all I have been working on this issue with Prosistel rotors 
for the last few months and have successfully developed a retrofit 
kit to get rid of that ridiculous pot that fills with moisture, this 
will be sold through GH very soon as soon as I get them finished and 
documented to my satisfaction. That being said knowing the insides of 
these Tic boxes pretty well, I would say that it's not a difficult 
thing to do. Just some machine work, a few rare earth magnets and a 
GRI hermetically sealed switch.

You may want to try changing the timing value for the GH box for the 
period that it looks for input. Can be done with the GH 
software...have seen this before. Jeff can fill you in more on this 
if need be.

Most of these ham rotors I've found in the last 35 years to be a 
mishmoshed pile of junk. If the mechanics don't break down, the 
direction indicator stinks. The GRI switch is the way to go, they are 
rated for something like 50 million cycle before failure at 5v and 
are hugely reliable.

If you would like, send me a picture of what you have for a motor and 
I can see if I can put you something together for it.
scottb at radios-online.com

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