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There are (or "were') sealed (that is; O-ring equipped shaft and hermetic electric feed-through connectors) available. They are normally under military specifications and fairly expensive unless you get they surplus. I guess they should survive better in a rotor location. 

Hans - N2JFS

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     I agree the Vishay 10T pot does not seem to be a good solution. I 
"worked" the pot back and forth more today and it never came back enough 
to be able to use the RT-21 without the "no motion" error message 
again.  We did have a sever winter here in N. IL with a good amount of 
precipitation.  However, I just did a pot replacement and put the rotor 
back in service September so I am very disappointed.

     I am serious when I put the question out there to the TowerTalk 
community.  Has anyone considered or implemented a redesign of the TIC 
ring rotor direction indication method to get away from the dreaded 
unreliable pot?

     TNX es 73,  Fred  KG9X

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