[TowerTalk] Fulton 2500 winch single or dual speed?

Mike Ryan mryan001 at tampabay.rr.com
Thu Apr 3 16:01:26 EDT 2014

Does anyone have the real info on these?  I am told that the 2500 comes in 
an A and a B model or something to that effect. Also to be SURE you would 
want one with a brake.  I have a friend who needs one of these RIGHT NOW but 
has not bought one because he doesn't know which one to buy.  He is going to 
use it to TILT OVER an HG-70D tower. He will be using 5/16 cable from what I 
can gather. SUGGESTIONS?  - MIke

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How do,

Gerald is looking for a new winch for his tower.

Please, be careful that you don't get a winch that has a FREE WHEEL 
position. Nothing worse than the winch getting in that mode and having the 
handle whipping around at a rapid pace, not to mention the tower dropping at 
the same or greater rate. Most marine/boat winches are free wheeling.

K9WN Jake

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