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Like I said some don't have the problems like we have :) Saltwater environment...maybe this is why I dunno. Some people have never has issues on any of these rotors ever. I seem to be on a first name basis with mr Murphy  :) Hi Dave


> On Apr 4, 2014, at 9:26 AM, "David Robbins" <k1ttt at arrl.net> wrote:
> I have 5 of them up in the air, some getting pretty old, and haven't
> replaced a pot in at least 10 years, so far back I can't remember the last
> one I did... in fact I just went and found the bag of spare parts for TIC
> stuff... I bought 3 clarostat pots in 2003 and still have 2 of them.
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> Yea it's a shame a multi thousand dollar piece of equipment is rendered
> useless by just a drop of water. Some people have never had a problem like
> this. Some like us up here have helped keep vishay in business lol. Seems to
> happen less in dry environments like out west etc. 
> I've spent thousands of hours thinking abt these problems. It's crazy.
> Always a stupid little thing that causes them to fail. 
> Had thought abt putting silicone on the shaft also and may work, in my case
> I never thought there would be enough heat inside the Bellhousing to dry
> that washer out. Was happy to see we got a few seasons out of that mod. Have
> seen pots go bad on brand new rotors less than 2 weeks old. Any of these
> that has the shaft pointing up this is more susceptible to happen to. No
> drain for water to get out...
> Scott
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