[TowerTalk] TIC Potentiometer

Steve London n2icarrl at gmail.com
Fri Apr 4 10:27:50 EDT 2014

> Seems to happen less in dry environments like out west etc.

I'll accept that. I have had 1 TIC ring up for 20 years, and the other 
for 10 years. Never had an issue with moisture in the pots. OTOH, 
lightning is what fries my pots. I found a few Bourne 500 ohm pots at a 
hamfest a few years ago. Bought them all. Good insurance. No lightning 
issues since then.

This has been a very interesting and informative set of threads. I can 
also say I have had no issues with slippage in a very long time, either. 
However, the 20 year old ring is showing rust on the spring and rollers. 
Only a matter of time...

Steve, N2IC

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