[TowerTalk] Hustler 6-BTV installation

Matthew King mrk.twg at gmail.com
Fri Apr 4 20:22:02 EDT 2014

Hi, Phil - I found on my installation of a 6-BTV that trap tuning was
necessary to get the best tuning over my 45 radial field.

I used a bulkhead for some time until I installed a DX Engineering choke in
an effort to knock out some RF in the shack.  I've come to the conclusion
that I'm just at the edge of the near field since the choke made little
difference on 10m.  Point being, I guess it's really up to you and your
particular installation as to install the beads or not.  It cannot hurt
from my somewhat limited understanding, and may very well help.

Might I ask why you've decided to switch to a shorter, trapped vertical
rather than the 43' vertical?  Also, did you have a tuner at the base of
the 43' antenna?

Take care,

Matt King

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