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They provide you with a piece of self-adhesive foam that does the trick.  Not the most elegant solution, but it is effective.


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I have looked at the MFJ window panels and can't figure out how you seal the
between the 2 sashes on a double hung window, as soon as you raise the lower
sash you loose the seal.
I called MFJ and they didn't know either.

73 Larry K1ZW

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SOME insulating glass units have argon gas, but they are in the minority.
What insulates an insulating glass unit is the dead air space between the
two pieces of glass.

My 40 years experience in the glass business tells me to strongly NOT try
and drill thru an insulated glass unit as 1. it will destroy the air seal
and allow condensation and loose insulating value, 2. it is extremely
difficult for even a professional craftsman to drill thru the?two pieces of
glass in an insulating unit without breakage,,,

Why not use one of the MFJ window panels? They allow you to cut to size and
come with foam tape to close off the edges.



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