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You can effectively seal a double hung window with foam between the pane
that's lifted and the other pane, like is done with window air conditioner

You'll need to rig a latch on the window to make it secure, though, in the
position with the pass-through in place. Otherwise, someone can open your
window and gain entry to your shack.


Mickey N4MB

On Wed, Apr 9, 2014 at 10:15 AM, Larry Stowell <lclarks at nc.rr.com> wrote:

> Fred
> I have looked at the MFJ window panels and can't figure out how you seal
> the gap
> between the 2 sashes on a double hung window, as soon as you raise the
> lower sash you loose the seal.
> I called MFJ and they didn't know either.
> 73 Larry K1ZW
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> SOME insulating glass units have argon gas, but they are in the minority.
> What insulates an insulating glass unit is the dead air space between the
> two pieces of glass.
> My 40 years experience in the glass business tells me to strongly NOT try
> and drill thru an insulated glass unit as 1. it will destroy the air seal
> and allow condensation and loose insulating value, 2. it is extremely
> difficult for even a professional craftsman to drill thru the?two pieces of
> glass in an insulating unit without breakage,,,
> Why not use one of the MFJ window panels? They allow you to cut to size
> and come with foam tape to close off the edges.
> Fred
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