[TowerTalk] feeding a Moseley S-403 40 meter three el. beam

John King via TowerTalk towertalk at contesting.com
Tue Dec 9 11:36:31 EST 2014

I am putting up an S-403 Moseley three element 40 mtr. beam. Does anyone have  hands on experience with this model beam ? It has a resonating coil in the center of each element. The manual discusses feeding directly with coax OR with a multi-turn RF Choke made of coax. I have used both feed methods on antennas in the past. But with this installation, I would like to use a commercially manufactured  1:1 torroid balun of W2FMI design rated at 5KW . The manual does not suggest use of a balun, but does not discourage the use of a balun. My question has to do with the feed point which has a resonating coil at the center of the driven element .

If you are familiar with the S-403 and have experience with this design, I would like to hear from you regarding the use of a balun between the coax and the feed point. Your input based on your knowledge and experience will be greatly appreciated. Thanks and 73, John, K5PGW 

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