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Wasn't the gamma match intentionally designed to have the shield of the coax directly connected to "ground' (boom that is)? Worked for me.

Hans - N2JFS

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What's to stop CM still flowing along the braid? Or along the boom? Or both?

Steve G3TXQ

On 15/12/2014 03:11, Jim Thomson wrote:
> Then no requirement for a balun, and no pesky CM current flow anywhere.

##  hey, that’s Mosley talking, not me !    Some Mosley manuals state to use a 
coiled up coax choke balun,
and most of their manuals say not to bother with any balun.  On a similar note, 
I built several hb yagis
back in the 70s + 80s.... plumbers delight, with all eles bonded to the boom, 
including the
DE.  They were all gamma matched.   No balun used.   Pattern was not screwed up 
Superb FB + FS.  No rf problems anywhere.     Should these gamma /omega matched 
have a CM choke installed ..or not ?     I never used a choke on any of my .25 
wave sloper
ants either.  Just ran the coax up the inside of the tower. 

Jim   VE7RF  


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