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I posted my information earlier, but I'll post again to help you establish a
frame of reference.

About 60 days ago, I called a contractor offering "Bobcat and Dump Truck"
services that I found on Craigslist (highly recommended as a source for
people willing to work hard for reasonable prices). I wanted to install my
HG-70HD which requires a hole which is 4' x 4' x 7 1/2' deep requiring about
5 yards of concrete. The contractor used a little Bobcat with a scoop on the
front to dig the hole. He then installed the 2" x 6" surround around the top
(I supplied the lumber and nails). He then lowered the base fixture into the
hole, climbed into the hole, installed the rebar and several 8' ground rods
connected to the rebar with #4 solid copper ground wire. I supplied the
ground rods, he supplied the #4 wire. 

Once set and level, the concrete truck showed up and poured the concrete to
the top of the forms. (The truck could directly access the foundation.
Pumping adds about another $300 (which I paid when in SoCal for the previous

He loaded the dirt from the hole into his dump truck and removed it. 

He used the Bobcat to move the tower from the back yard to the foundation
(about 400 feet). He set the tower base on the mounting ears. When the
concrete was dry, he came back with the Bobcat and lifted the tower to about
a 45 degree angle so I could easily lift it to vertical using a chain hoist
and some cable wrapped around a convenient tree.

The total for his supplied labor, equipment, concrete and #4 wire was
$1,900.00.  That was the only charge. $1,900.00 all in (I supplied the
Hy-Gain base fixture and the tower.)  

This is one ham's story.  Check out my QRZ.com picture for the result.

73, Bob, K9RHY 

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I live in NW Louisiana. I'm looking for a concrete contractor to install a
base per specs for a US Tower HDX-555. I need a hole 5' X 5' 7.25', rebar,
about 7 cubic yards of concrete, and 3 anchor bolts in the right place. I
have the anchor bolts and base. (If the layout of my lot, house, and pool
would allow it, I'd put up 60' of Rohn 45G, with 2 sets of guy wires.)

A major consideration is that access to my backyard is 42.5" wide through a
walk gate and between an A/C compressor and a brick wall. If the A/C
compressor were temporally removed the width of access would increase 4" to
46.5" - not wide enough I'm told for even the smallest of back hoes.
Removing a section of fence for better access is not an option.

Almost surely the hole will have to be dug by hand and the excavated dirt
moved by wheelbarrow to the front yard to be scoped up by a front-end

Bid #1: $6,880 - contractor never showed up. The one time I did run him down
to check with him he wanted to change the specs to a 6' X 6' X 6' hole.
Right or wrong, I'm going to go by US Tower's specs.

Bid #2: $9,000    

Do those prices sound reasonable? They sounds high to me, but I have no
reference as to what concrete work should cost.

Marsh, KA5M

On 12/24/2013 9:29 AM, Mike Reublin NF4L wrote:

I want to see if I can get a reasonability check on the price to 
pour the base for my HG-70HD. 4x4x7 1/2 feet. I'm getting the base 
from HG.

Bid #1. Did hole by hand, bring concrete from street with a power 
wagon. 3000# mix. $1500.00.

Bid #2. Dig hole with "trencher". pump concrete from street, 3000# 
mix with fibers. $2500.00.

73 & Merry Christmas,
Mike NF4L


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