[TowerTalk] Tower Foundation (was Concrete Prices)

Ken wa8jxm at gmail.com
Thu Jan 2 12:42:41 EST 2014

On Jan 2, 2014, at 12:05 PM, Marsh Stewart wrote:

> A major consideration is that access to my backyard is 42.5" wide through a
> walk gate and between an A/C compressor and a brick wall. If the A/C
> compressor were temporally removed the width of access would increase 4" to
> 46.5" - not wide enough I'm told for even the smallest of back hoes.
> Removing a section of fence for better access is not an option.

Mini excavators can fit through a normal doorway. Example,  to enable passage through narrow spaces such as doorways and 
gates, the adjustable width track frame can reduce the Kubota K008-3’s track width down to 2’4”(700 mm) by simply operating a single lever. 

The Kubota KX41 can dig down to 9' and can fit through a 3'3" space

They can be rented for a couple of hundred dollars per day.

A bigger issue, IMO, is getting the concrete to the hole, but that issue has already been addressed.

When I was younger, I dug a 4x4x6' base by hand and mixed the concrete with an electric mixer.    If I were younger, I'd do it again for half the price you were quoted, LOL.

73, Ken WA8JXM

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