[TowerTalk] Tower Foundation (was Concrete Prices)

K7LXC at aol.com K7LXC at aol.com
Thu Jan 2 14:31:08 EST 2014

>  Bid #2: $9,000    
>  Do those prices sound reasonable? They sounds high to me,  but I have no
reference as to what concrete work should cost.
        Wowser - I'm in the  wrong business - hi. 
        Sounds high to me  too. Get some more bids until you get something 
more feasible if you don't want  to do it yourself. If you've got the 
inclination, do it yourself. Using an  excavator is kind of fun. 
        And dirt disposal can be a  problem so that'll probably have to be 
part of the job. 
        As far as getting an  excavator in the back yard, I've rented a 
small excavator that had retractable  treads. You retract them to squeeze thru 
the gate and then extend them for  working. I don't remember the 
manufacturer or model but the guy at the rental  counter will know. 
        And getting concrete  back there is easy - hire a trailer or truck 
mounted line pump. Reasonable price  and they'll pump up to 400'.
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