[TowerTalk] Tower Foundation (was Concrete Prices)

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Thu Jan 2 15:12:24 EST 2014

I have seen a Toro Dingo at one of the rental places that was pretty small
and it had many attachments.  Hopefully you can get the tower through this

John KK9A

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Subject:	 Re: [TowerTalk] Tower Foundation (was Concrete Prices)
From:	 Jim Lux <jimlux at earthlink.net>
Date:	 Thu, 02 Jan 2014 10:04:04 -0800
On 1/2/14 9:05 AM, Marsh Stewart wrote:
I live in NW Louisiana. I'm looking for a concrete contractor to install a
base per specs for a US Tower HDX-555. I need a hole 5' X 5' 7.25', rebar,
about 7 cubic yards of concrete, and 3 anchor bolts in the right place. I
have the anchor bolts and base. (If the layout of my lot, house, and pool
would allow it, I'd put up 60' of Rohn 45G, with 2 sets of guy wires.)

A major consideration is that access to my backyard is 42.5" wide through a
walk gate and between an A/C compressor and a brick wall. If the A/C
compressor were temporally removed the width of access would increase 4" to
46.5" - not wide enough I'm told for even the smallest of back hoes.
Removing a section of fence for better access is not an option.

Yeah, and moving/removing the air conditioner compressor/condenser is a
very non-trivial operation, since you have to pump out the refrigerant,
cap it, then put the refrigerant back in, etc.

Several hours work at probably $100/hr when all is said and done.

Your basic Bobcat is about 5 ft wide.. However, because it's fun to go
through the Bobcat catalog.. you COULD potentially find a Bobcat
MiniTrackLoader with the Backhoe attachment. The Mini TrackLoader is only
3 feet wide.



Yeah, it says it's compatible, BUT.. that's a pretty small base for a big
ol' arm hanging out there. It might exciting to operate.

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