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Correct, it is a Universal Aluminum tower. Self-supporting it should be able to take up to 85 mph wind. With the guyes it is able to take 135 mph, something that made it easier to convince the local authority to give me the permit. (No, I am not planning to take the guy wires down, at least not permanently.)

The bolts holding the angular irons onto the granite plate are "through hole', there is a bolt head with a large washer underneath the granite block/slab. I put a pile of cement right underneath the spot there the bolts stick through, just to reduce the corrosion risk. I don't know if it will work. Many, in the far future, time will tell. (I hope not the be around at that time.)

Hans - N2JFS

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It appears to be a Universal self supporting tower with a set of four guy 
wires added to the top.  I would not say it is overkill.

John KK9A

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On 1/3/2014 10:36 PM, Hans Hammarquist wrote:


It's a guyed tower. The base only has to keep it from sinking or sliding 
If anything it's probably overkill.


Roger (K8RI)

I don't know if i did something very wrong but I started but putting a large 
granite slab
(6'x5'), 5 feet down where the tower was going to be. I had 12 holes drilled 
in the slab
and attached 6 angular irons, two screws per iron to the slab. I then place 
"Sonar" tubes over the irons, two irons per tube and filled the tubes with
cement. The tower legs were attached to the irons, squeezed in between the 
irons. (I put
a few sections of the tower up, leveled them very carefully and then drilled 
holes for
the bolts through the irons and the legs.

The tower is anchored in the granite slab and the slab is secured with dirt. 
added some scrap iron to that dirt, just to make it heavier.) I have 
the link to photos of the work many times and am doing it again.


Did I do something stupid? Please tell. I used a lot less cement that way.

Hans - N2JFS 


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