[TowerTalk] Tower base

Chuck Smallhouse w7cs at theriver.com
Sun Jan 5 01:47:31 EST 2014

Yes, I've used molten sulphur in that  manner quite 
satisfactorily.  Especially good when you want to bolt down (via 
angle brackets) wood uprights (6"x6') for a porch or large 
overhang.  I think that it would be more satisfactorily than epoxy as 
it does expand when cooling.

I've also used it for the drying agent when drying home grown 
apricots.  Halved  'cots were placed on small HB wooden trays and 
stacked up under a  quite large cardboard box.  Underneath the stack 
was placed a coffee can about half full of the sulphur powder, which 
was set on fire.  This was allowed to smoke overnight, and then the 
trays were set upon the roof and allowed to dry for about a week.

When I lived in Mountain View CA we had 7 apricot trees, and didn't 
thin them properly the first year we lived there.  We ended up with 
over 200 # of dried 'cots and sold about another 2000 # of fresh 
picked ones to the local cannery.

Cutting 'cots proved to be good summer jobs for my three pre-teen 
sons, as many neighbors, as well as local orchards, also had apricot trees.

Chuck, W7CS

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