[TowerTalk] New Fair-Rite Clamp-On -- BAD NEWS

Jim Brown jim at audiosystemsgroup.com
Thu Jan 9 14:39:19 EST 2014

Several months ago, I put together a large group purchase of Fair-Rite 
cores, including the new part number 2631181381. which the catalog lists 
as a "Round Cable Snap-It" with an i.d. of 1.4-in, an o.d. of 2.4-in, 
and 2.5-in long. We were quoted $9.30 for 420 pieces, which is less than 
half the cost of the five #31 toroids that would be electrically 
equivalent. Ward, N0AX, saw my announcement on an email reflector and 
noted it in his Contest Update.

Turns out that the new part was too good to true.  My delivery arrived 
last night, and it's not what's listed in two respects. First, there's 
no clamping assembly. Second, a box that is labeled as containing 30 
pieces contains 30 HALF cylinders, two of which are required to make a 
choke, and they must be held in place by tape or ty-wraps. I'm returning 
the entire shipment for credit.

Please copy this email to other ham reflectors to which you have access, 
so that any others who may have ordered these parts that they are NOT as 
listed in the catalog, and NOT generally useful to us.

73, Jim K9YC

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