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A ham in Florida (which has a high water table) just had a big hole dug for 
his tower. The company used what is called a well  point.  It is defined 


 [wel-point] Show IPA
noun Engineering, Building Trades.
a perforated tube driven into the ground to collect water from the 
surrounding area so that it can be pumped away, as to prevent an excavation 
from filling with ground water.

Here are some pictures of what was done...the well point is used to pump 
away the water so the hole doesn't fill with water

You can see the well point set up around the hole to keep the water at bay


Mark N1UK

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> The specs for my crank up call for a hole 4x4x7.5 feet. That works out to 
> 4.4 yds of concrete. The smaller backhoes that I can get to the site can 
> go to a depth of 6 feet. Because of the water table, I consider it an 
> unacceptable risk to put a man in the hole to dig out to 7.5 feet deep.
> A hole 5x5x6 is 5.5 yds.
> Would that be a safe equivalent to hold the tower up with the same wind 
> load?
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