[TowerTalk] Idea for tower base. Comments please!

Hans Hammarquist hanslg at aol.com
Sun Jan 12 01:42:19 EST 2014


I just wonder if, instead of digging big or small holes in the ground and filling them with concrete, it would be possible to drill down a number of screw anchors (minimum 4) and make a base of e few (minimum 2) I-beams holding on to the anchors.Then attach the tower to this I-beam construction.

Reason: The screw anchor I used for my guy wires were rated for a pull-out force of more than 14,400 pounds when screwed into undisturbed sand (which should be the worst situation, I believe). Two screw anchors and a 4 foot I-beam should, what I understand, be able to take a 57,600 foot-pound turning momentum. Arranged as a square it should be able to support a self-supporting tower.

Now, question arrives how you maintain this structure well knowing than screw anchors can corrode, but I believe we can coop with that one way or another.

Place for comments.

With best 73 de,

Hans - N2JFS

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