[TowerTalk] Fwd: New Fair-Rite Clamp-On -- BAD NEWS

Patrick Greenlee patrick_g at windstream.net
Sun Jan 12 12:29:01 EST 2014

Can you just put shrink tubing over a couple pieces if not electrical tape?
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On 1/11/2014 6:56 AM, Hans Hammarquist wrote:
> Myself, if I was in charge, would be "happy" to send the batch back, free 
> of charge, with an apology.

Where did you get the impression that I was being treated badly by
Fair-Rite or their distributor?  So far, the vendor has been quite
positive in their response. I've got a return authorization and will get
either a refund or a credit, at my choice.

Whoever prepared the Fair-Rite catalog description for this part did so
quite badly, and the part as shipped isn't very useful, but that's the
extent of their failure.

73, Jim K9YC

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